Welcome to Casey Williams Photography, where bringing your vision to life, one “shot” at a time, is my ultimate goal.  I am Casey Williams…a fashion, portrait, wedding and destination photographer, based in Northeast Florida. As a child, growing up in the Carolina Low Country, vibrant colors, unique architecture, breathtaking views, great food and beautiful people surrounded me. During those younger years, I remember attending functions, such as weddings, family reunions and birthday parties, where our family gathered to celebrate and reconnect with each other. I am able to recall those times and relive the fun had at those events through the photos taken, which make those memories timeless.

As a young teenager, I often found myself with a camera in hand, capturing every moment possible. Over time, my passion for photography and my desire to capture those special and those seemingly ‘ordinary’ moments in life, grew. Today, my focus is to continue to capture precious moments for each client.

The foundation of my photography perspective is built on three pillars: Creativity. Love. Wit. I truly believe that you do not have to be a model to take amazing photos. My collaboration with each client is grounded in this mindset. I strive to be creative and to make each individual photo session unique. Additionally, I believe it is important to not only be skilled at your craft, but to love what you do. I want my clients to absolutely love the artistry that we create together. Finally, every session should include an element of wit. Why engage in an activity if you do not enjoy it? If the activity does not bring excitement, why bother? My goal is for the client to have fun during the time we spend together. I aim to capture the joy that naturally transpires in each session. Here is a quote that resonated with me when I first read it and I truly believe in its message. It serves as encouragement for perseverance, “Life is like a camera, you focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if things don’t work out, take another shot!” —Author Unknown

From a pricing perspective, my approach is best described as consultative. No two clients are the same and therefore a price list rarely works. I use industry standards as a guide, but prefer to customize a photography solution that will be suited especially for the client. For more information, please visit the contact page or send me an email.